Episode 89: How To Acquire A Dental Practice 101


As we gear up for some exciting new changes coming to the SYDP podcast, I wanted to share a self-hosted episode I put together discussing everything you need to know about how to acquire a dental practice.

Having talked with dozens of dentists about the process, I think you’ll find this solo episode a great resource if you’re in the process of acquiring your first practice or needing some guidance.

Even if you’ve already had a few acquisitions under your belt, I cover some common mistakes as well.

Many dentists I’ve spoken with equate the acquisition process to having your first child… you won’t know what it’s like until it happens, but being prepared goes a long way.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode

  • How To Know When You’re Ready To Acquire A Practice. And When To Hold Off
  • Why Choosing The Right Location Is So Important, And How to Ensure You Choose A “Winning” Location
  • The Best Tips And Tricks For Finding The Perfect Practice On Sale
  • Why Not All Practices Are Created Equal And What To Look For When Buying
  • The Importance of Having A Wide Diversity of Practice Options To Purchase

And much more.

How To Acquire A Dental Practice


“The greatest acquisition opportunities come from personal relationships..” – Jonathan VanHorn

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  • Hey Jonathan, another great episode, thanks. Do you have any valuation spreadsheets that you would be willing to share? I’m looking for something we can use to properly value a practice from the buyer perspective. We’re starting to see prices increase and selling Dentists asking for more $$$, so we want to have a good tool for creating our own valuation and not just use what we get from the broker working on behalf of the seller. If you have anything you’d be willing to share I would really appreciate it. Thanks!