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How To Open A Dental Practice with Jayme Amos


Welcome to Episode 1 of Start Your Dental Practice.

This is the show for existing and aspiring dentists to start or take your dental practice to the highest possible level.

In every episode, we’ll be demystifying the “how to start a dental practice” problem.

This show will feature world-class influencers and consultants in the dental industry to pick their brain about how to get past the barriers involved from no practice, to practice owner, to successful practice.

Today’s inaugural guest is Jayme Amos.

Click here to get today’s episode bonus: What I would do step-by-step to find a dental practice location.

Jayme is the bestselling author of Choosing the Right Practice Location, host of the Dentistry’s Ideal Practices Podcast and founder of where thousands of readers visit his blog each month.

You can find his publications on Dental Town, the quarterly ADA Newsletter, Dental Entrepreneur Magazine, Ignite DDS and other prominent outlets in dentistry.

Jayme’s firm works across the country helping dentists step into practice ownership.

His consulting team guides doctors through all 13 Stages of opening new dental practices. Over the last 10 years, he’s worked with dentists and recognized their choice of “location” as having the most impact on a practice’s potential for growth.

Here are a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode:

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