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A Step By Step Guide to Renegotiating Your Dental Insurance Contracts, With Sandi Hudson from

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Well in dentistry there’s one more certainty; dental insurance companies are a pain to work with.  Unless of course you love being put on hold and listening to elevator music. Between understanding your patient’s insurance, your contracts, differences in state laws, changes Read the full article…

How to Setup a Dental Practice Break Room (for profit)

How to Setup a Dental Practice Break Room (for profit)

Throughout this post I mention setting specific goals for dental practices, if you are needing benchmarks to aim for in your practice, you can download a copy of my free report: “The Fifteen Numbers that Will Make (or Break) Your Dental Practice” here Every high-performing dental practice understands that it is important to set structured Read the full article…