Episode 104: How Having Emotional Intelligence Can Make You A Better Dentist and Practice Owner


Hello, ambitious dentists,

Whether you’re just starting your dental practice career, or have been growing your practice for a while, you probably have experienced the many ups and downs that come with being a practice owner.

And the truth is, it’s not easy.

As we’ve said many times here on SYDP, there are some things dental school just doesn’t teach you… which is why I’m excited to have today’s guest Dr. Shakila Angadi on the show.

Right out of dental school, Dr. Shakila quickly realized that things don’t always go according to plan and today she shares what she has learned.

If you have some spare time while you’re preparing meals or out and about shopping, give the interview a listen.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode

  • How to be both “successful” and “happy” while still growing your practice.
  • The mindset habits most successful dentists have.
  • How to deal with setbacks and quickly get back on track.
  • Why investing in your emotional intelligence has such a high ROI.

And much more.

If you’ve recently found yourself frustrated most days when you go into the office, this episode is definitely for you.

How Having Emotional Intelligence Can Make You A Better Dentist and Practice Owner

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