Episode 92: How To Choose The Right Consultant For Your Dental Practice With Kiera Dent

Start-Your-Own-Practice-(1)Whether you’ve been running your dental practice for years, or are just getting started, chances are you’ve at some point considered hiring a dental consultant.

Unfortunately, hiring a consultant can often be a big hit or a big miss. And while I’ve certainly heard of many great experiences, I’ve also heard my fair share of nightmare stories as well.

While there’s never a “sure thing” in business or life, consultants should help your practice grow, not hold you back. Which is why I’m very excited to introduce today’s guest Kiera Dent, who has extensive experience in both hiring the right team and consulting dentists all across the country.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode

  • What Kiera learned from working at Midwestern University and how it helped jump start her dental career.
  • The Power of A Strong Morning Routine
  • How working in the front and back office of multiple practices helped her deliver exceptional value to her patients and clients.
  • Why Kiera is hyper focused with her consulting offerings and how it helps her stand out.
  • The many lessons Kiera has learned from working with the Dental Success Institute and the legendary Mark Costes.

How To Choose The Right Consultant For Your Dental Practice With Kiera Dent


“I firmly believe with my whole core… If you set your morning right… it’s going to structure the rest of your day.” – Kiera Dent


Kiera Dental Consulting 

Kiera and her team were kind enough to share some of these awesome resources with the SYDP community. I highly suggest you take a look!

How To Hire (Infographic)

How To Have The Perfect Morning Huddle [VIDEO]

How To Hire Amazing People [VIDEO]

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